Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe

March 21, 2017

If you haven’t jumped on the chia seed train, you absolutely need to get your ticket ASAP. The ancient Mayans called chia seeds “warrior food” and that tells you all you need to know about their many health benefits. They’re loaded with protein and fiber, they’re rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they supply calcium and phosphorous, and they even help with digestion and hydration. If you haven’t noticed, I sprinkle them everywhere. But when I really want to dive in to the chia pool, chia pudding is my favorite. It’s such a versatile treat. You can load it up with lots of goods for a breakfast or just keep it simple for a snack. When I gave up dairy (or at least most of it, besides when I just really want some freakin pizza), chia pudding perfectly replaced yogurt for me. I’ve tried lots of different recipes, but this one has been my steady staple for months now.

The ingredients (& links to get them yourself):


Here’s how it works: Pour the coconut milk in a bowl. Add the collagen + vanilla extract + cinnamon. Whisk whisk whisk. If your coconut milk fat has separated from the liquid (which it should if it’s the real kind), you might even consider blending this part up to make sure it gets distributed nicely. Slowly pour the chia seeds in. Gently whisk as you go – You don’t want to be breaking the chia seeds, you just want to get them mixed in well. The goal here is to get the chia seeds to soak up the coconut milk and expand, so the slower the better. Refrigerate overnight.

Note: this is definitely more than 1 serving. I can stretch this across 3-4 different bowls (you probably don’t want to eat a whole can of coconut milk in one sitting).

It’s really that simple, y’all!

Top with whatever goodies you like. My go-to is berries and peanut butter, but I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different combos. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts, apples, bananas- you name it. Because this makes quite a few servings, I’ll often make it on Sunday and bring it in to the office with a boxful of berries and almonds for my workweek breakfasts (when I’m sick of my egg cups). And my coworkers always ask me what the heck that spotted-lookin’ stuff is when they see me prepping it in the mornings.

It’s loaded with omega 3’s, fiber, healthy fats, and the sneaky collagen helps pump up the protein. It’s the perfect dairy free alternative. And mostly it’s just fun!

What’s your favorite way to eat your chia pudding?

xoxo, Mollie Mason

A great sweet snack without any of the sugar | whole 30, paleo, high protein, healthy fats, no sugar, dairy free

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