My Cure All Concoction

January 11, 2018

For a million different reasons, I try hard to stay away from drugs and medicines. Mostly because the natural stuff has worked for me so many times! So last week when I came down hard with the nasty flu that seems to be flooding our country, I put every cure I could find in a mug and sipped away. I’m truly not exaggerating by saying it made me feel better instantly. It’ll knock your socks off a little, in all the best ways.

Let’s talk all the details of these superpower ingredients:

Apple Cider Vinegar | Though I haven’t recently been good about my daily shot of apple cider vinegar, I still reach for it regularly and notice a huge difference when I do. I shared in detail about all the benefits of apple cider vinegar in this old post, but the main reason it’s in this recipe is because it’s a powerhouse pathogen killer, so it’ll do some damage to any bugs or strains you’ve got festering in your system.

Lemon | I mean what can’t lemon do? It’s a cure-all on its own. It’s loaded with vitamin C as an immunity booster and its acids mimic the enzymes in our body to promote digestion and detoxification (aka lets get this ‘ish out). And honestly it helps cut down the taste of the ACV.

Ginger | Ginger was also an amazing antibiotic before antibiotics existed. In fact, the Journal of Microbiology & Antimicrobials did a study that proved ginger extract was more effective against Staphylococcus & Streptococcus than conventional lab-made antibiotics! Take that, science. Ginger is also amazing at improving digestion, dispelling nausea, lowering cholesterol and even just reducing pain. All things that will make you feel better if anything’s got your system down.

Turmeric | This golden powder has been used as a magic dust for centuries. Turmeric is a top-tier inflammation fighter. Like ginger, it’s also been proven to beat out the laboratory stuff (studies have proven it to be more effective at reducing inflammation than ibuprofen and aspirin). I take turmeric daily in supplement form because of this, and I also pop an extra if I’m ever fighting a headache. It’s so so crucial that we fight inflammation in our body because every ailment and illness starts with it.

Black Pepper | I know this one scares you. So don’t fret. You really just need a teensy tiny bit. Like 2 tiny little flecks. It’s solely there to activate the turmeric. Scientific tests have proven adding black pepper to curcumin (the active component in turmeric) can make it up to 2000% more bioavailable and therefore a whole heck of a lot more effective in doin’ its inflammation-fightin-thing.

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Mollie's Cure All Concoction


  • 12 oz hot water
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tsp turmeric
  • 1 whole lemon, juiced
  • 1/2 tsp grated ginger
  • 1 tiny pinch black pepper


  1. Boil 12 oz of water in a pan. 

  2. Cut about 1/2 an inch off of a fresh bunch of ginger. Peel and grate. Add to mug.

  3. Squeeze a lemon and add juice to mug. 

  4. Add apple cider vinegar (2 tbsp if you're feelin frisky).

  5. Add turmeric and a teeny tiny bit of black pepper. 

  6. Pour hot water over all the ingredients and stir. Sip and be healthy!

So simple. So real. So powerful.

Anytime you’re feeling run down or you see your coworkers gettin sniffly, mix this baby up, curl up with an extra fuzzy blanket, and kick that bug to the curb!

Cheers to health!

an all natural cure to fight off any infection and promote optimal health // whole 30, paleo, sugar free, dairy free, vegan

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  • Reply Mandy Harrison January 16, 2018 at 8:36 am

    Such an awesome combo, Mollie! I’ll add this to my list for next time we’re sick.

    • Reply Mollie Mason January 16, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      Thanks, Mandy! Hope it helps keep you happy and healthy 🙂

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