3 Important Functions of Your Gut

Today, I hopped on Instagram Live to share with you about one of my favorite wellness + nutrition topics: gut health.

Watch the video to learn more about each of these 3 vital functions your gut plays in your overall health!

1 // Nutrients

This one is pretty obvious, right? Of course, your gut is responsible for digesting your food.

Your gut lining has the important role of allowing the nutrients from your food (macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc) to leave the gut and enter your bloodstream while still keeping the toxins and waste inside the GI system and out your body as waste.

2 // Immunity

Did you know your gut is where the majority of your immune system is housed? It’s estimated that 70% of your immune system lives inside your gut. Source

3 // Nervous System

Your gut is often called your second brain (and for a very valid reason). Source

The vagus nerve is a large nerve embedded in your gut, and 90% of the communication between your brain and your gut go from gut to brain, not brain to gut. This means your gut actually processes your environment before your brain interprets it through emotions! Source

Your gut is also where a lot of your neurotransmitters are made, including 95% of your serotonin! Source

Ready to learn more? 👇🏽


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