6 Signs Your Gut Microbiome Is Imbalanced

In this week’s Monday With Mollie (your weekly wellness pep talk on Instagram Live), we covered 6 important signs that you might have an imbalanced gut microbiome.

Watch the video to learn more symptoms to look to know you need to address the health of your gut microbiome!

A quick overview:

  1. Digestive discomfort — Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain after eating, pain no matter what you eat 
  2. Food intolerances — Diagnosed food allergies or just certain foods not seeming to sit right with your system (note – this isn’t just GI pain, can also be headaches, brain fog, etc). These are a sign of leaky gut as food particles make their way into your bloodstream.
  3. Mood disorders — 2 weeks ago in MWM, I shared all about how your gut impacts your brain and your emotions, so naturally, you can understand any mood disorder, anxiety or depression is often a sign of gut imbalance as your serotonin + neurotransmitter production is impacted.
  4. Autoimmune diseases — almost 24 million Americans have an AD, and many many go undiagnosed – 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut – Rheumatoid arthritis, Celiac, Hashimoto’s and Graves, Diabetes, lupus, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, MS, psoriasis 
  5. Hormone imbalances — Estrobolome regulates and metabolizes our estrogen 
  6. Sugar cravings — The 100 trillion bacteria and the candida yeast fungi that live in your gut feed off of sugar. IIf you feel like a sugar monster lives in you, you’re not crazy!
  7. There are so many more, too! Brain fog, fatigue, skin issues like acne and dermatitis, sleep issues, trouble maintaining or losing weight

If you struggle with any of these symptoms, don’t miss my masterclass! I explain how this is all connected, why other treatments you’ve tried haven’t worked, and most importantly: the exact system I’ve used to bring real, lasting relief to myself and hundreds of people. Sign up here 👇🏽


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