837 Square Feet of Surrender

Selling our beautiful home we spent two years making ours was an emotional experience for many reasons. But I’d be breaking my cardinal rule of this blog (keepin’ it real) if I didn’t tell y’all I was a bit of a princess about moving from our 1920 sqft of curated love into a tiny one bedroom apartment I could do nothing to make my own. 

But y’all, it’s been the sweetest. The absolute sweetest. It’s helped us embrace a simpler and slower rhythm and that’s everything we needed for this season. God was so gracious when He moved us into this space I resisted so much. As always, He knew best.

This apartment means two things to me: simplify + surrender.

Instead of spending our Saturday mornings mowing the lawn and vaccuming almost 2,000 sq ft of Gunner hair, we’re lounging at the pool. Instead of spending hours (and dollars) trying to patch holes in anything that breaks, we call maintenance and chill on the couch until they come.  

Sure, I hate the laminate countertops. Just yesterday I walked through the kitchen and my shirt snagged on a corner that’s peeling up. Gag. And the faux red floors in the kitchen that actually blend straight up into the cabinets make my designer skin crawl. But those ugly countertops still give me a space to make a meal for our little fam and the ancient fridge that doesn’t want to stay shut still keeps our fuel fresh.

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This sweet little apartment has taught me to be still. To sit inside things I can’t change and just to be ok not trying to alter fix or control things. Because I can’t. It’s not an option. And that is exactly the non-option I needed to embrace after the season we just came out of. 

We’ve loved it so much we might never leave. Just kidding. Obviously. I have a feeling we’ll forever be moving and creating new spaces and I’m sure it’s not long until our next home comes our way. But for now, in this moment and in this season, we’re relishing in the sweetness and focusing on the good. Grateful for the good. So so grateful for the good.

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