Protocol Companion Guide


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Your 14-Day Plan to Treat Leaky Gut Naturally and For Good

* Because it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and you can do it simply, safely and effectively!

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Have you fought a long, hopeless battle against leaky gut?

I did too. For decades. And I healed it with THIS!

The #KillTheYeast Protocol is 14 days of a diet + supplement regimen to treat leaky gut.

And the #KillTheYeast Companion Guide is a digital resource that walks you through each and every step of this healing journey. 

It's research-backed and nutritionist-approved.

It's simple. It's cost-effective. 

And most importantly: It works.
It's worked for thousands of others and it can work for you.

It's everything you need to take action and finally experience relief.

You've got questions.

I've got answers.

What foods do I actually need to avoid?

What foods can I eat? 

What are some compliant recipes I can enjoy?

What do I need to buy at the grocery store?

What does a week on the Protocol actually look like?

How do I possibly survive not eating any sugar or starches?

How long do I have to eat this way? How and when can I transition back to normal life?

I know you've got a million questions swirling. That's why I packed this Companion Guide full with the answers to all of them! Here are the questions this Guide addresses for you:

CLICK HERE TO purchase for $37

Let's peek inside.

Here's what's you're going to get.

A Shopping List for all the essential Arsenal items you need with the exact supplements I recommend

A clear and concise list of Foods to Avoid, Foods to Limit, and Foods to Enjoy 

A Grocery List you can take with you to the grocery store to load up your fridge and pantry 

An Additional Support List for other items that were really helpful for me in having success on the Protocol

A Food & Recipe Ideas List with yummy and easy compliant recipes you can enjoy 

A sample Meal Plan with a whole week of 3 meals + 2 snacks per day

Tips to Prep Well so you can make sure you're ready to roll when you start 

The Daily Breakdown with details on what supplements to take when

A Daily Checklist for the whole 14 days so you can check all the boxes and make sure you're on track

My best No Sugar Survival Tips for how to beat the cravings when they come

And, finally, details on Transitioning Back so you can keep your gut healthy forever!












all this? no question. i'm ready!

Don't take it from me.

You have sneaky health problems you can't seem to solve.

If you have had lingering health issues that doctors seem to throw their hands up about, leaky gut is very often the hidden cause!

You know the #KillTheYeast Protocol is for you if...

You're tired of wasting money on things that aren't working.

You're trying to find answers to your questions, but you're just stuck with bills for doctors visits and expensive prescriptions that aren't actually treating your problems!

You're ready to take action and make a choice for better health.

You're over waiting for other people to tell you how to get better, and you're ready to do the work on your own accord!


It's just $37, y'all.

That's right. Only $37. That's like the price of an Olive Garden date night out. But instead of that post-pasta bloat you get real, true, actionable help towards healing!

This Companion Guide is loaded with value. In fact, it's got $699 worth of nutrition coaching from me. And that doesn't even begin to count the cost you're saving in more failed doctor's visits and prescriptions that don't get you anywhere.

I want you to find healing. I want you to experience the freedom that comes with a body free from leaky gut. And I want you to get that at a price you can't deny.



Let's talk the moolah.


I'm a holistic nutritionist. I've spent a decade studying the nitty gritty details of how our bodies work and how the foods we eat affect them.

But even more importantly, I'm an autoimmune warrior. I've fought a long hard battle with chronic illness. I've had symptoms of a leaky gut wreak havoc on my health and bring me to my knees.

Hi, I'm Mollie Mason.

And I've found immense healing through this #KillTheYeast Protocol I created.

Which is why I'm so pumped to be brining it to you! I pray with every ounce of my heart this helps you find healing over yeast overgrowth and leaky gut and the health and wellness to show up for your brightest life!

I'm excited to have you join me!

The girl behind the Guide

Let's do this!