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We all know I spend most of my money on clean eats and yoga, and I like it that way. But because I don’t shop often, I’m always keen to go all in when big sales come by. And Labor Day weekend is upon us, so sales galore! I’ve done the work to suss out all the pretty finds and steal-worthy prices. The Nordstrom Rack beauts and the Aerie + American Eagle finds are the exact orders I placed today. And it’s a lot. But here’s why: I hate shopping. Well I love it, but I’d much rather do it on my computer where I can read reviews and sizing and see pretty styled pictures. And I just order anything and everything I might want. Then it comes to my door in a nice big box, and I get to try it on at home. With the right bras. And the right jeans. And the right shoes. And most of the time that means I return 75% of what I order, but that’s ok, because I tried it. And shipping + returns are free. So there’s no loss. Enter my life-changing way of shopping. You’re welcome.

Remember: no soft sweater or perfectly-fitting jeans will ever define you or improve you. But they can make life sweeter and prettier and help you tell the world how you feel about yourself. So be wise, steward your money well, and adorn the body you work hard to love with things that reflect your pretty insides.


nordstrom rack

they’re having their clear the rack sale. additional 25% off all clearance! some super crazy steals.



aerie + american eagle

labor YAY sale means 25-60% off! absolutely love supporting this company solely to support their #aerieREAL campaign.


urban outfitters

additional 40% off all sale items!



labor day clearance means up to 75% off!



labor day blowout! a few pieces I already have but mostly just so many I’m dreaming of at super discounted prices.



nothing crazy for labor day, but still my favorite place for online shopping so I threw in a few good ones for y’all.


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