My ultimate goal as a Realtor: to help you take what can be a very overwhelming process and make it simple. So, I've created these resources to guide you through it. They're comprehensive, they're practical, and they're free. Enjoy!

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Coronavirus and the DFW Housing Market

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With everything going on in this pandemic, there's fear from all angles, and the real estate market is a big one. So many questions to answer — How is this affecting home values? Can you still buy and sell right now, or do you have to wait for this all to pass? How can you protect yourself as a buyer or seller in this market?

The Complete Home Buyer's Guide

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From the timeline of the process, how to find a lender you can trust, what it really costs to buy a home, what questions to ask on the home search, how to navigate the home inspection and how to negotiate to seal the deal, even what you need to do once you're in your new home. I've got you covered on it all.

The Complete Home Seller's Guide

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From the timeline of the process, my formula for a successful home sale, how to prepare your home for the market, how to price it strategically, what you need for effective marketing, an overview of closing costs, even what you need to do after the sold sign is up. Again, I've got you covered on it all.

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