Budget-Friendly Dining Chairs With Style

I’m really not exaggerating when I say I’ve been scouring the internet for 4 months trying to find the right dining chairs for our Mason Manor breakfast nook.

It’s way harder than it should be to find something that packs a design punch without a $500+ per chair price tag.

I’ve rounded up for y’all the 12 I’ve had on my board and the price per chair.

No. 3 is what we have in our home. The first set we ever bought while married. I love the super classic, timeless look. I don’t love the light cloth that stains easily.

No. 10 is what we staged in the Harrison Project. I couldn’t love these chairs more. They’re classic but cool. But unfortunately, they’re just too dark for our table.

Dining chair links:

No. 1 $130 each | No. 2 $160 for 2 ($80 each) | No. 3 $216 for 2 ($108 each) | No. 4 $184 for 2 ($92 each) | No. 5 $250 for 2 ($125 each) | No. 6 $140 each | No. 7 $130 each | No. 8 $137 for 2 ($68 each) | No. 9 $230 for 2 ($115 each) | No. 10 $200 for 2 ($100 each) | No. 11 $146 each | No. 12 $800 for 4 ($200 each)

Which one’s your favorite??

No. 11 is my favorite, but I’m not sure about the website it’s listed on. Anyone have any experience with AffordableSeating.Net?

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  1. Meilani says:

    They all look great. #4 is my vote. The black goes with the kitchen with the light pop on the seat. Nice combination of classic and modern. I would stay away from fabrics that maybe harder to keep clean. Keep us updated on which ones you choose. Good luck! 😁

  2. Rhonda says:

    Honestly LOVE #3. But agree stain so easy..next pick is #2

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